Parsons New York Code Camp: Summer 2015

CODE CAMP: Summer 2015

Code Camp is a five-day introductory workshop taught in the summer of 2015 to a group of freshmen and sophomores from the Maker Academy—a week long journey of exploration and creativity. This workshop is part of a series of planned workshops in India, China, Philippines and the U.S.

Code, Compose, Collaborate from Mighty Spicy at Parsons!

We are working on an open source educational coding platform (and accompanying curriculum) called “Code, Compose, Collaborate” (we refer to the project as “TripleC”). The main people leading the Mighty Spicy Collective are Michie Pagulayan, Kunal Jain, and me (Sven Travis), each of who has had a substantial relationship with Parsons Design+Technology programs over the past decade(s).
Rajmala School, India, Pre-workshop session 2015

Pre-workshop Sessions at Rajmala School

A significant aspect of the TripleC project is its geographical region and socio-cultural context. Our selection was at the Rajmala School in Farukhnagar, state of Haryana in India.
Parsons New York Playtech, 2015.


PlayTech Saturday is a yearly event at Parsons School of Design, Design & Technology program. Designers/makers present their games or projects in a science fair-like setting to engage visiting youth ages 6 - 16 years old coming from the local New York City schools and other youth organizations around town.