Summer Workshop Session at Rajmala School

The May workshop held at the Rajmala school was designed as a continuation of the three-day workshop held in January 2016. The teams were given an opportunity to complete their projects that they started in January and make a presentation to their teams, along with a few of the school’s staff members, including the Principal.
Rajmala School Workshop, India. 2016.

Winter Session at Rajmala School

The 3-day workshop was designed as a more intensive session with SonicPi for the teams that participated in the 3-day workshop in May. This time, we also planned to introduce the networked platform developed in-house to start building awareness of the intricacies involved with working with online persona and content sharing.
Parsons New York Code Camp: Summer 2015

CODE CAMP: Summer 2015

Code Camp is a five-day introductory workshop taught in the summer of 2015 to a group of freshmen and sophomores from the Maker Academy—a week long journey of exploration and creativity. This workshop is part of a series of planned workshops in India, China, Philippines and the U.S.
Rajmala School, India, Pre-workshop session 2015

Pre-workshop Sessions at Rajmala School

A significant aspect of the TripleC project is its geographical region and socio-cultural context. Our selection was at the Rajmala School in Farukhnagar, state of Haryana in India.