A TripleC Technical Update...

Kunal Jain, the TripleC tech lead, describes what we've built—both from the hardware and software end. This has been a big development project (not done yet), that has been challenging but a lot of fun.

TripleC Working Hard and Making Progress!

We’ve been busy. Lots of activity underway, ranging from continued technical development and testing of our teaching platform, to running workshops in NY, New Delhi, Manila, and Beijing. We’ll end with a brief commentary on some of the reaction the project received from the recent UC Irvine presentations/discussions.

Code, Compose, Collaborate from Mighty Spicy at Parsons!

We are working on an open source educational coding platform (and accompanying curriculum) called “Code, Compose, Collaborate” (we refer to the project as “TripleC”). The main people leading the Mighty Spicy Collective are Michie Pagulayan, Kunal Jain, and me (Sven Travis), each of who has had a substantial relationship with Parsons Design+Technology programs over the past decade(s).