Students code using the open-source programming language Ruby. Ruby syntax is natural to read and easy to write!


Sonic-pi will be used to code and compose music. It is a free sound synthesiser designed specifically to support music lessons within schools.


Students will experience how to live code music in collaboration with their peers.

What is Code Compose Collaborate?

Code, Compose, Collaborate is an onsite/online platform for learning to code by making music. It is implemented through a series of workshops that teach youth programming basics while familiarizing them with online issues of collaboration, ownership, privacy, and sharing. Code, Compose, Collaborate uses open-source technology to produce a portable (kit-based) hands-on teaching environment—an environment within which youth can learn and collaborate.

Code, Compose, Collaborate initial workshops will occur in New York, New Delhi, Shanghai and Manila.

About Us

“Code, Compose, Collaborate” (the Parsons Digital Trust Project) is an onsite/online learning environment where youth from different cultures—with varying access to technology—can interact, create, collaborate and share using the neutral and safe mediums of sound and computation. Code, Compose, Collaborate is the work of the Mighty Spicy Collective, creative technologists from Parsons Design+Technology programs in New York.

  • Audible computing

    Students will be immersed in an environment designed to explore and teach programming concepts through the process of creating new sounds.

  • Live coding

    The project revolves around the use of improvised interactive programming, combining composition with improvisation.

  • Designed for teaching

    The software is designed specifically to explore and teach programming concepts through the process of creating new sounds.

  • Encouraging collaboration

    We believe collaboration is an extremely important aspect of learning, and we attempt to immerse students in a platform where collaboration is encouraged.